Tile Setting

Tile Setting


Kerr Masonry offers complete mastery in tile setting. With 12 years of experience building in all sorts of settings ranging from new high-end homes to renovations to commercial installations. Steve has an eye for perfection and well-honed design capabilities. We work in partnership with clients to find the most suitable tile design for long lasting satisfaction and peace of mind with each installation.

A very high standard of cleanliness is always at the forefront with focus on the combination of plumb, level lines, flush surfaces and an overall sense of balance. There are many ways to design a tile layout. Our experience and expertise inform clients how to best design each project to produce maximum satisfaction. Often the exact design is already in mind and can be happily executed to specification.

We offer every kind of tile setting service: floors, walls, ceilings, backsplashes, fireplaces, exterior walls, decks, and steps. Custom showers are a specialty that we take great pride in. We build showers with concrete shower pans and Schluter Systems, which can provide lower profile shower floors for ease of access as well as sleek and modern sensibility.

Tile installations often require teamwork between other trades. Priority is always placed on clear communication with contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and suppliers. Often vital for project completion to occur successfully, clear communication is essential. Our product knowledge is long-standing and always up to date as new products become available and industry standards evolve.

We ensure 100 % customer satisfaction with estimate accuracy, site preparation, and efficiency. Great care is taken with every detail to create beauty and long-term functionality on every installation