We have extensive experience in all fields of masonry. While our original passion for the trade comes from working with stone and much of our work is in the tile domain, we also specialize in bricks, blocks and cement finishing. Whether it is new installations or repairs, we provide masonry services to suit home, commercial and industrial needs.

Chimney work is a need for many homes. We build, rebuild and repoint chimneys. This is one of our favourites as it is an integral part of the function of heating your home.
Cement block can be used to build columns and garden/fence walls designed to be faced with stone, for chimneys, and a great way to build soundproof walls.

Glass block is a beautiful addition to showers and great for letting light in to a house where privacy is an item of interest. It is also a great way to allow natural light to travel deep into a home or office with interior glass block walls and windows.

Outdoor steps and paths can be built to last with concrete. The option of built in heat cable alleviates ice buildup during the winter months. One of the many beauties of concrete, besides its durability and longevity, is the ability to shape and form it creatively as desired. Meandering walkways and tapered stairways are a couple of examples. The options for creativity in design are virtually limitless. It is always gratifying to combine stone and concrete, as is very common throughout Europe.

We take great pride in our masonry skills and services. Call anytime for an estimate.